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Adiseal Roof & Gutter Sealant Clear 290ml: Waterproof

Adiseal clear roof and gutter sealant provides a strong waterproof seal. It can seal roofs and gutters in dry or wet conditions. Adiseal can seal leaking roofs or gutters instantly even in the rain, making it ideal for emergency repairs as well as more permanent solutions. The seal on Adiseal can be tested on immediately after application, saving time and money in labour costs.

Adiseal Strong Adhesive & Waterproof Sealant 290ml Ultra Clear


Extra strong adhesive & waterproof sealant in transparent clear. Superior bonding & sealing.

Benefits of Adiseal sealant:

Adiseal roof and gutter sealant clear seals many different applications including guttering, down pipes, lap joints, attic windows, cornices, ventilation ducts, roof sheets, felt, lead and flashing. Adiseal adheres to many different gutter and roof materials including PVC plastic, wood, metal, slate, ceramic, lead, concrete, brick, fiberglass and many other materials.

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Frequently asked questions about clear roof & gutter sealant

Which sealant is best for gutters?

The Adiseal roof and gutter sealant provide a strong, waterproof, and enduring seal. Its exceptional feature enables immediate sealing in both dry and wet conditions. This weather-resistant solution retains flexibility and offers UV resistance for enhanced durability.

Should you use sealant on gutters?

Gutter joints often develop gaps, creating opportunities for water seepage and potential leaks. To prevent this issue, it’s essential to use a waterproof gutter sealant like Adiseal to fill these gaps.

What is the best gutter sealant UK?

Adiseal forms a robust, flexible, waterproof, and weather-resistant seal on gutters. Its UV resistance guarantees durability. Even during wet conditions like rain, Adiseal effectively stops leaks in gutters.

How long does it take for gutter sealant to cure?

Adiseal roof and gutter sealant usually takes 24 to 48 hours to fully cure. Thanks to its instant sealing ability upon application, the Adiseal seal can be promptly tested, potentially saving time and money.