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What are the Best Metal Drill Bits of 2024?

To find out what are the best metal drill bits, tests were carried out by drilling into stainless steel to find the most durable metal drill bit and the fastest. Adiseal Ultimate cobalt metal drill bits were shown to be the best metal drill bits in numerous tests. These patented drill bits drilled faster and drilled more holes than any other metal drill bit. In the most durable and fastest drilling speed tests, Adiseal Ultimate was found to be stronger and faster than the best cobalt metal drill bits from Dewalt, Bosch, Makita and Milwaukee.

Endurance test results

10mm metal cobalt drill bitTotal number of holes drilled (into 6mm thick stainless steel)
Adiseal Ultimate cobalt135 holes
Milwaukee cobalt red75 holes
DeWalt Extreme cobalt39 holes
Bosch cobalt15 holes
Makita cobalt12 holes
Metal drill bit endurance test results

Best cobalt drill bit for metal.

Speed test results

Adiseal Ultimate not only outperforms other metal drill bits in hole count but also boasts a faster drilling pace. In the same test, timing of the drilling of each of the first 10 holes was recorded than calculating the average duration per hole was done.

10mm metal cobalt drill bitAverage time to drill each hole (in 6mm stainless steel) for first 10 holes
Adiseal Ultimate cobalt31.7 seconds
DeWalt Extreme cobalt38.5 seconds
Milwaukee cobalt55.8 seconds
Makita cobalt69.9 seconds
Bosch cobalt132.4 seconds
Metal drill bit speed test results

Adiseal Ultimate was over 4 times faster the best cobalt bit from Bosch.

Best metal drill bit. Drills faster and drills more holes than any other bit.

Note that the test included non-cobalt drill bits like HSS variants such as Milwaukee Thunderweb and Bosch PointTeq. However, for fairness in comparison, these drill bits were excluded from the chart. Specifically, Bosch PointTeq did not manage to drill any holes into the 6mm thick stainless steel SUS304 during the testing phase.

Metal drill bit test procedure

The test for the best metal drill bit involved using a Scheppach DP60 drill press to create 10mm holes in 6mm thick stainless steel (SUS304). All bits were consistently set to a 400 rpm speed on the drill press. Tests were carried out on 10mm metal cobalt drill bits from respected brands like Milwaukee Cobalt Red, DeWalt Extreme, Bosch Cobalt, and Makita. To maintain uniformity, a 5kg weight was suspended on the drill press arm during each hole’s drilling, ensuring consistent force and RPM. The endurance tests were conducted without lubricants, coolants, or cutting oils, although these substances aid in lowering the bit’s temperature and extending its lifespan. The drilling procedures were recorded and timed through video timestamps. Ultimately, the Adiseal Ultimate drill bit outperformed others, showcasing excellence in both the number of holes drilled and the time taken for each hole.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Metal Drill Bits

What is the best drill bit for drilling through metal?

Cobalt metal drill bits from the Adiseal Ultimate range have been shown to be the best drill bits for metal. In endurance and speed tests drilling into stainless steel, they have been shown to be the most durable and fastest metal drill bits available.

Is cobalt or titanium drill bits better?

Both cobalt and titanium drill bits have their advantages based on the materials they’re intended to drill through.
Cobalt Drill Bits:
Excellent for drilling through hard metals like stainless steel, cast iron, or high-strength alloys.
Known for their durability, heat resistance, and ability to maintain their sharpness in tough applications.
Ideal for heavy-duty drilling tasks and applications that demand resistance to high temperatures.
Titanium Drill Bits:
Feature a titanium coating that enhances their durability and provides additional wear resistance.
Suitable for drilling into softer materials like wood, plastic, or softer metals.
Offer increased speed and last longer than standard HSS (high-speed steel) bits due to the titanium coating.
The choice between cobalt and titanium drill bits often depends on the material being drilled. For drilling hard metals, cobalt bits are generally preferable due to their heat resistance and durability. Titanium bits are better suited for general-purpose drilling tasks and softer materials due to their enhanced durability and extended lifespan.

Do you need a special drill bit for metal?

Yes, drilling through metal typically requires specialized drill bits designed specifically for metal. Standard high-speed steel (HSS) bits can drill through softer metals, but for harder metals like stainless steel, cast iron, or high-strength alloys, using cobalt, titanium-coated, or carbide-tipped drill bits is more effective. These specialized bits are designed to withstand the hardness and heat generated while drilling through metal, providing better performance and durability compared to standard bits.