CabLube Gel 500ml Cable Pulling Lubricant


CabLube Gel 500ml Cable Pulling Lubricant

This gel version of cable pulling lubricant clings onto to the cable providing the highest lubrication and protection when pulling cables & wires through conduit. It is available in 500ml bottles but can be made in larger sizes.

Suitable for different types of cable & wire including power, control, instrumentation & control. It’s compatible with most common types of cable jacket materials. The lubricant is easy to apply and provides easy cleanup. Low solid contents means less duct & conduit blocking.

  • Appearance: Gel
  • Odour: Slight characteristic
  • Colour: Azure
  • Viscosity: of about 26,000 cps
  • pH: 7 to 7.2
  • Operating temperature: -10 °C to +50 °C
  • Solubility: Soluble in water

Additional information

Weight0.535 kg
Dimensions7.5 × 7.5 × 20 cm



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