AjustLock 80mm Barrel Bolt Lock Zinc


  • Ajustco’s popular AjustLock 80mm Barrel Bolt Lock can be used on most wooden or metal doors as standard door locks, kitchen door locks, cabinet locks, bathroom door locks and window locks.Weather and strength tested for durability, the world’s first adjustable catch bolt lock, AjustLock solves the common problem whereby doors, gates and cabinets get misaligned due to loosening of hinges, and the barrel bolt lock and latch no longer secures the door properly. Modern corrosion resistance and easy to install, this 80mm metal bolt lock is available in three different colors Zinc (Silver), Zinc (Black) and Brass Tone (Yellow Gold).If you have mis-aligned barrel bolt locks and latches currently installed, simply replace those with Ajustco’s 3 Inch Barrel Bolt Locks, using the same screw holes. It is possible to utilize the catch end of the AjustLock only, if you do not wish to replace the (longer) bolt piece.

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